Come with me, A book by Elle St. John
Over 350 passion filled pages
He walked into the dark space and breathed out her name—“Salomea.”
She immediately came running into his arms. He kissed her fervently and pulled her to him, wrapping his body around hers. She was shaking, or was it him? He found her lips and kissed her deeply and locked the door behind him without missing a beat. He backed her up to the old car, taking off her clothes as he guided her, letting them drop on the floor with a wet thud. He took off his overcoat and laid it on the hood. When she was naked, he pushed her back into its warmth. He came over her, kissing her relentlessly, groaning into her mouth.
“I missed you,” he said.
Michelle B. Says

"This is an absolute page turner. Just when you think you have it figured out, the sex, the usual stuff, is when this book turns a corner and it’s a sex thing like you have never seen it before. It’s about power, and games, and the story takes you with twists and turns until you realize that its 3 o clock in the morning and you’re still reading. An espionage story with a twisted tapestry, a perverse thriller that makes you imagine that you are there, with a series of puzzle pieces that are strung out along the way. After a while, you have to wonder who the author really is, because fictitious as it is, there is something that makes you glimpse something that you remember. If you enjoy erotica it is here, a whole lot of it! And much more! Alice in Wonderland, and forget it being a beach read because you won’t be able to put it down either. What a fun read."