Prayer on a Fingertip
Interlude I ~ Gideon & Lia

ISBN-13: 978-0997868104 
ISBN-10: 0997868104 

  Can a chance meeting at a dinner party change Lia's life? Will Gideon, the handsome man gazing at her from across the room, rescue her from her tortured marriage? After hearing an erotic story about Gideon's time in college, Lia decides she has to find out. 

Gideon routinely beds married women. Its just sex and not especially enjoyable. But even that is better than his own marriage, a bleak existence completely devoid of passion and love. He yearns for both, but he's resigned himself to life without them.  

Maybe one night will save them both. 
This passionate novella is the first in the Interlude series by Elle St. John

No Boundaries
Interlude II ~  Monica & Bryce

ISBN-13: 978-0997868128 
ISBN-10: 0997868120

 Bryce is through running from his past. Tonight, he is ready to prove himself that he's capable of control, capable of making love, He's looking for a lady, not the typical women he bends over before they go their on their way, not even a kiss exchanged. 

Monica is ready to face the present. It's her birthday, and she's gathered enough courage to fulfill a sexual fantasy so tawdry she can barely give voice to it. She's looking for the right man. There's no backing down this time. 

They are two strangers meeting by chance. They both want one thing, but on this stormy Seattle night, will they end up with something much greater? 
This passionate novella is the second in the Interlude series by Elle St. John.

ISBN-13: 978-0997868135

ISBN-10: 0997868139

424 pages

Tender No Judgment

Micah is broken, turned into a limping, scarred relic by war. He was honed as a killer and then discarded by those he saluted, forced into a life of solitude on his mountain. 

Sabrina is a bookworm who secretly wants her dashing prince to come and sweep her off her feet. But mostly she just meets toads who want to grope her and use her. She retreats to her little bookstore until one day a charming man walks into her life. She thinks he is the man she’s been dreaming of, but instead of carrying her into the sunset, he leaves her for dead on a mountain. 

Micah rescues her, and their love quickly flourishes. But their bliss is interrupted when unforeseen international events test their bond and jeopardize their lives. They are soul mates, the only ones for each other. But is that enough to overcome these powerful, evil currents?
Come With Me
  • Paperback : 390 pages

  • ISBN-10 : 0997868147

  • ISBN-13 : 978-0997868142

He walked into the dark space and breathed out her name—“Salomea.”
She immediately came running into his arms. He kissed her fervently and pulled her to him, wrapping his body around hers. She was shaking, or was it him? He found her lips and kissed her deeply and locked the door behind him without missing a beat.
He backed her up to the old car, taking off her clothes as he guided her, letting them drop on the floor with a wet thud. He took off his overcoat and laid it on the hood. When she was naked, he pushed her back into its warmth. He came over her, kissing her relentlessly, groaning into her mouth.
“I missed you,” he said.
Baby I'm Ruthless
"Baby I'm Ruthless"

The Third installment in the Desperation to Power Series. You will not want to miss out on this absolute page-turner of a book.

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